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Eco Club

The Perrott Hill Eco Clubbers headed up to the art room today for some ‘Art in Science’ cross-curricular work. The children painted abstract art on canvases using acids and alkalis with natural pH indicator found in purple carrot juice. A great idea Mr Andrews!


24th November 2017

Year 2 String Programme

Our Year 2 String Programme is in full swing, with every child in Year 2 now being the proud ‘keeper’ of their very own violin. Many thanks to our wonderful Music Teacher Mrs Greenwood, who also runs the 0-3 Music Group on Monday and Tuesday mornings, for being such a source of inspiration and excitement.

20th November 2017

The Big Tree Plant

We are pleased to announce that the Big Tree Plant is now underway! Many thanks to The Woodland Trust for the delivery of 45o trees this week, and to our Head of Science Mr Andrews for his inspirational talk about the importance of replenishing what we use. It’s great to see so many staff members and pupils getting stuck in.

17th November 2017

Year 6 Mock Trials

Perrott Hill played host for the annual Year 6 Mock Trials this week, where six local primary schools – Perrott Hill, East Coker, Preston, Ash, Hambridge and Chilthorne Domer – battled it out in a courtroom presided over by a team of real-life magistrates from the Yeovil Magistrates’ Court. The defendant in the dock was the fictional Terry Shepherd, who was being accused of graffiting the door of a local business, with each school having to present a case for either the prosecution or the defence.

The overall winners were Ash Primary, with Perrott Hill coming second and East Coker third. Adjudicating magistrate Mr Lindsay Wilson commended the level of confidence with which the children spoke, telling them ‘it takes real guts to stand up and speak in front of your peers, and I was really impressed by all of you.’ A special thank you to our Chairman Ms Mary Ellis and adjudicating magistrates Mrs Susanna Hanson and Mr Wilson.


16th November 2017

The Year 3 Play

Our Year 3 play, Roald Dahl’s ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’, was a storming success on Friday with great performances across the board. Well done to our fantastic pupils and to our Head of Drama and Year 3 teacher, Mrs Shaun.

14th November 2017

The Haddock Cup

We were delighted to welcome Feltonfleet School to Perrott Hill last week for a fantastic two days of rugby, hockey and the inaugural running of The Haddock Cup to celebrate the strong bond between our two schools. In 1940, during the Second World War, Feltonfleet School was evacuated to North Perrott Manor, where they stayed for the duration of the war – returning from Somerset to Surrey in early 1945 (with one of the Feltonfleet staff, Bill Grundy, staying at the manor and Perrott Hill Prep School was formed). One of the Feltonfleet pupils was John Haddock, a distinguished cross country runner who remains very much part of the Perrott Hill family, and we are delighted that he has given his name to the Cup which will be contested by the two schools each year. It seemed very fitting that we stood in silence alongside our friends at Feltonfleet on Remembrance Day to honour those who gave their lives in the First World War.A big thank you to our Director of Sport, Simon Sheldon, for organising – we look forward to visiting Feltonfleet next year.


13th November 2017

Years 3-8 Remembrance Service

Years 3-8 had their Remembrance Service in St Martin’s Church in North Perrott yesterday, with former parent Commodore Nick Tindal RN, the Commanding Officer at RNAS Yeovilton, giving the address. Thank you Nick, it was a wonderful service. Our Pre-Prep service took place at the same time in the Grundy Hall, to the backdrop of the children’s fantastic poppy artwork.


9th November 2017

U12/U11 Hockey Coaching

A big thank you to Louis Corbin, Assistant Hockey Pro at King’s Bruton, and Kirsty Hoskins, Bath Buccs Ladies 1st XI, also a Hockey coach at King’s Bruton, for some excellent hockey coaching with our U12s and U11s this week. Louis worked with the U12 IAPS squad in preparation for the IAPS finals in Ipswich on 24 November – they looked at creating goal scoring opportunities in tight, hotly contested areas like the D. Kirsty came on a very wet day and helped the year 3 and 4s look at finding space to pass into and coached the U11s and U12s squads as well. Our thanks to you both, and to King’s Bruton for providing two great coaches.


8th November 2017

Year 2 Hockey Match

Our Year 2s played their first hockey matches today alongside Sherborne Prep, with some excellent teamwork displayed by all. Well done Year 2s, we are so proud of you!

3rd November 2017

Perrott Hill pumpkins

The judging for our annual pumpkin carving competition took place this morning – and what a difficult job it was, with so many incredible entries! We are delighted to announce that the winning pumpkin is Gengar by Tommy in Year 5. Well done Tommy, and well done to everyone who entered. A brilliant display of hard work and creativity.

2nd November 2017