Virtual Tour - Perrott Hill

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Virtual Tour

Welcome to our Virtual Tour, which has been designed to take the same route as an in-person tour. Wehope will give you a good insight into life here at Perrott Hill.

The tour starts with the Headmaster’s Welcome in the Grundy Hall and ends with our boarding facilities. Once you click on the tour, the menu on the left-hand side of the screen guides you through the route and there’s a 360 view of each location, using your mouse.  

In many of the locations, you will find additional footage, which our staff and pupils have taken great pride in putting together. If you hover over the ‘video’ icon it will tell you what this footage is. In the Library, for example, you can see a four-minute film made by  IAPS and ITN Productions about Perrott Hill, while in the boarding section you can hear from senior pupils about life as a boarder.

We hope you enjoy our Virtual Tour and we very much look forward to catching up with you afterwards.