Leavers' Destinations and Senior School Scholarships - Perrott Hill

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Leavers’ Destinations & Senior School Scholarships

We take the business of preparation for senior schools very seriously and are proud of our consistently impressive results at Common Entrance, as well as our enviable scholarship record. Please click on the links to see exact scholarships per year.

Scholarships 2023
Scholarships 2022
Scholarships 2021
Scholarships 2020
Scholarships 2019
Scholarships 2018
Scholarships 2017

Further to our scholarship record, our pupils move on to some of the country’s leading public schools. Please click on the links to see exact leavers’ destinations per year.

Leavers’ Destinations 2023
Leavers’ Destinations 2022
Leavers’ Destinations 2021
Leavers’ Destinations 2020
Leavers’ Destinations 2019
Leavers’ Destinations 2018
Leavers’ Destinations 2017