At Perrott Hill we aim to make boarding fun, safe, rewarding and to provide many opportunities for developing independence and increasing maturity. It is a place where firm friendships are forged and where children are supported fully through emotional, physical and personal challenges by caring and dedicated staff. The welfare of the boarders is a priority and the school recognises that all the pupils are individuals who have their own personalities and needs. The school strives to meet these needs and to make the pupils feel happy and special.

Miss Rebecca White and Mr Simon Sheldon run the boarding house and they are supported by a dedicated boarding team; this means that care is both consistent and continuous. The concept of ‘family’ and family values is integral to boarding at Perrott Hill and pupils feel welcomed and very much ‘at home’.

The school offers full, weekly and flexi-boarding. Boarding has become increasingly popular, especially for those children who will go on to board at their senior school. When there is space, flexi boarding is available, however demand for boarding is high and parents should book well in advance.

Miss R White
Head of Boarding