Year 8 Team Building - Perrott Hill

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Year 8 Team Building

Each September, our Year 8 pupils go on a residential team building and geography trip to Hooke Court in Wales. This year, instead, we brought Hooke Court to Perrott Hill! Many thanks to the amazing Chris McConnell for a superb day of team building this month, which included exploding Christmas pudding pots and a car load of cones. Communication, grit and determination were all put to the test as the groups had to negotiate trenches full of lava, remove toxic waste containers between locations without it touching themselves, navigate an explosive mine field – blindfolded – and create structures out of nothing but rope and a few logs. Thankfully everyone survived, learning some valuable lessons in the process and strengthening the bond between the group as they start their final year at Perrott Hill. A brilliant day; many thanks to all involved.

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24th September 2020