House Music Competition

Last week’s House Music Competition was a roaring success, with an array of impressive solo and House performances. Very well done to all the children but especially to Darcy and Anton for their prodigious pieces on the harp and the accordion respectively, to Blackdowns for their winning House performance of the Beatles’ Hey Jude (which well and truly brought the house down!) and to Brendons, who were crowned overall champions. Many thanks to Mr Shortman for masterminding yet another exceptional event, to our wonderful music department and House staff and, of course, to the man who had the toughest job of all – our superb guest judge, Mr Gladstone from Radley College.

28th May 2019

Bugfest in EYFS

Our youngest children in Nursery and Reception enjoyed a wonderful morning of mini (and not so mini!) beasts, courtesy of the brilliant Nick from Bugfest. As well as handling a variety of stick insects and bugs such as the darkling beetle and the giant African millipede, they got to look at and learn about a range of spiders, including the camel spider, tarantula and red-legged golden orb weaver. They loved watching their teachers hold the spiders, too! An amazing morning of hands-on learning to consolidate the children’s work this term.

28th May 2019

Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies

Very well done to our Year 4 and 5 children for a stellar production of ‘Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies’. The acting was superb, the musicians and singers were amazing and the comic timing from the entire cast was incredible. We are still laughing… The biggest thanks to all the staff involved and especially to Mr Silk, whose inimitable direction brought out the best in every child. We are so proud to be Perrott!

28th May 2019

High School Musical Jr

Year 8 started their Common Entrance exams last week with papers in mental arithmetic and French speaking and listening; they’re now studying hard ahead of the main set of exams in June. Last week, they took a welcome break to watch the performance of High School Musical Jr at Queen’s College, Taunton – and they were all buzzing with excitement on their return! Many thanks to everyone at Queen’s for giving our senior pupils a taste of things to come for their Leavers’ Play at the end of term.

20th May 2019

Year 5 History Trip

Year 5 enjoyed a fascinating visit to Hooke Court recently. Their morning was devoted to a study of life in Tudor times, with a host of hands-on activities including cookery, purse making and writing with a goose quill. They loved dressing up in period finery, too! Many thanks to Mr Silk and all the staff at Hooke Court for a terrific day of learning.

20th May 2019


Years 3 to 6 have been getting to grips with beekeeping this term, as part of our brilliant extra-curricular activities programme. As well as visiting the hives, inspecting the frames and using the smoker to deter any errant bees, they’ve been checking up on the queen and learning to distinguish between the worker bees and the drones. Many thanks to local beekeeper, Nic Bard, for sharing his expertise – and to Mrs Palmer and our friends at the North Perrott Fruit Farm where the hives are kept. What an enriching experience for our children, who are looking forward to sampling the honey later in the year.

20th May 2019

Boarding Innovation Award

Huge congratulations to our friends at Brighton College for winning the Boarding Innovation Award (and the Boarding Extension Award) at last week’s BSA Awards. We might not have taken home the trophy, but what an achievement to be one of only three schools shortlisted – and alongside the giants, Brighton College and Cheltenham College, too! We are so incredibly proud to show that small can indeed be mighty. Many thanks to the Boarding Schools’ Association for recognising our great strides and successes in boarding this year and for hosting a brilliant evening which we were honoured to be a part of.

16th May 2019

Mindfulness in Forest School

Amongst all the whittling, sawing and fire lighting in Forest School, Years 1 and 2 took a mindful moment to appreciate the many different sights and sounds in the woods yesterday. This is part of a school-wide discussion about the uplifting effects of nature, in support of Mental Health Awareness Week this week.

16th May 2019

Year 7 Debate

Last week saw the final debate in this year’s school calendar – and what a corker it was! Year 7 were contesting the motion, ‘This house believes every child should experience life in a different country’, with strong arguments put forward by both sides. Well done to all the pupils who took part and a special mention to guest speakers, Maraya and Pelayo, who spoke beautifully about their experiences as EAL pupils at Perrott Hill. “When I first arrived, my heart was thumping and I was worried I would understand nothing,” said Maraya. “Now I am in my final term and I have achieved so much. I’ve made great progress in English and, most importantly, made some amazing friends! I think anyone who has the opportunity to live in a different country should take it – it will be the best year of your life.” What lovely words.

16th May 2019

Shortlisted for a BSA Boarding Award

We are delighted to announce that Perrott Hill has been shortlisted for the Boarding Innovation Award at next week’s BSA (Boarding Schools’ Association) Awards. We are one of only three schools in the country to be shortlisted for this award, alongside Brighton College and Cheltenham College, so this is big news – and is testament to the excellence we offer in our boarding houses. For the full shortlist, please see below; winners are announced next week!



·         Vulnerable Children, sponsored by aba Design

·         Lord Wandsworth College

·         Royal Alexandra and Albert School

·         Royal Hospital School

·         Boarding House Extension, sponsored by Darwin Group

·         Brighton College

·         Giggleswick

·         St Leonards

·         Boarding Research, sponsored by iSAMS

·         Burford

·         Steyning Grammar School

·         Wellington College

·         Stephen Winkley Award, sponsored by RSAcademics

·         Alison Bridge, Ludgrove

·         Richard Foster, Windlesham

·         James Shone, Monkton Combe School

·         Wellbeing Award, sponsored by Tracy Shand

·         Bredon School

·         Lord Wandsworth College

·         Ratcliffe College

·         Innovation Award, sponsored by School Trunk

·         Brighton College

·         Cheltenham College

·         Perrott Hill

·         Khadija Saye Photography Award, sponsored by Tempest Photography

·         Winner: Daisy Dai, Kingswood School

·         Runner up: Tess Donnelly, Eastbourne College 

·         Runner up: Dimitri Georges, Rochester Independent College.

3rd May 2019