Marcus Trescothick pops in

We were delighted to see Somerset and England cricketer Marcus Trescothick a few weeks ago, when he popped into the Sports Hall after watching his daughter play in a Netball match. He is currently in training for his 25th season with Somerset. Here he is alongside the plaque commemorating his inauguration of the Perrott Hill Sports Hall extension in 2016.

22nd February 2018

Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirit

Many thanks to award-winning novelist and Perrott Hill parent Boris Starling, author of Unconquerable: The Invictus Spirit, for his fascinating talk about some of the inspirational servicemen and women who have competed in the Invictus Games. It was very well received by all, as part of our Years 3-8 Lecture Programme. Thank you, Boris.

22nd February 2018

The Scarecrows’ Wedding

The focus in English for the Years 1s has been The Scarecrows’ Wedding by Julia Donaldson. Cue lots of work on wedding preparation: writing invitations, making scarecrows, writing instructions on how to make a scarecrow, decorating cupcakes for the wedding breakfast and toasting with elderflower.

22nd February 2018

Perrott Hill’s first Archery Contest

We were delighted to host our first ever Archery contest this week, which was greatly enjoyed by all. A close encounter saw Sandroyd edge the win by a mere 5 points! We are all looking forward to a return match at Sandroyd in the summer.

7th February 2018

Cluedo Activity Weekend

Perrott Hill pupils were busy investigating a murder this weekend as part of our Cluedo Activity Weekend. They had great fun interrogating members of staff to find out who was responsible. It was the maid (aka Ms Cox!). The new generation of detectives is right here!

7th February 2018

Young People’s Music Festival

This weekend, five of our pupils took part in the Young People’s Music Festival at the Arts Centre in Stoke sub Hamdon. Rose played the piano beautifully in the 10s and under section, while Lucy, Chester, Toby and Sebastian all competed in the 11-14 section (singing, guitar, piano and violin respectively), with Lucy winning the section. Well done Lucy, and well done to you all for accomplished performances across the board!

7th February 2018

IAPS Swimming Regionals

Well done to our swimmers who competed brilliantly in the IAPS Swimming Regionals at Millfield Senior School last week. We’re looking forward to finding out whether we’re through to the Nationals later this term!

29th January 2018

Exploring incidental art

Our Year 8 scholars have been documenting the goings on in the art department for an assembly. This was a broken sculpture they came across, which has been used to show how incidental things can become art. They plan to add some recycled wire to it, inspired by photographer Tim Walker.

29th January 2018


The Science classroom was transformed into a crime scene last week, with pupils investigating the fictional case of a teacher ‘graffitiing the lab’. The evidence? Photos of the teachers using different pens, fingerprint recovery and chromatography to analyse the pen ink. Great idea, Mr Andrews and Miss Aggett! (And Mr Silk, you are under arrest…).

29th January 2018

Fun in Forest School

If you go down to the woods today… Years 1 and 2 have been making woodland creatures from clay, complete with shelters to protect them from the weather. On Friday, they will find out how effective their shelters were and if their creatures survived the week. Thanks, as ever, to our incredible Forest School leader Ms Bresland!

22nd January 2018