The Final Week - Perrott Hill

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The Final Week

Year 8 started their final week with a spot of ‘day camping’ at school, with prizes for the fastest and best tents; very well done to winners Elvie and Amy-Charlotte. Mrs Layfield and Mrs Palmer’s group packed an all-important camera with them so were able to share these lovely pics on their return – that’s what we call planning! On Wednesday, both groups took part in a challenging and thought-provoking workshop with Alice Sims from Amnesty International. Alice did an amazing interactive presentation on human rights before discussing the loss of identity you feel when you become a refugee. She then challenged the groups to think about which three items they would grab if they had to flee from their homes; she said most refugees choose their house keys as they assume they will be able to go back, although the majority do not. Finally, she talked to the children about how we can welcome refugees into our society. Thank you, Alice, and all at Amnesty for the important work you do.

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10th July 2020