Pupils' Party Pieces - Perrott Hill

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Pupils’ Party Pieces

Well done to all those who performed in Pupils’ Party Pieces last Tuesday – it was our first informal concert with a live audience in over a year! Mr Shortman opened the show with the following exerpt from Leslie Parkman’s book, ‘North Perrott Remembered’:
“We had social evenings and song and dance events; these were very popular. North Perrott was never short of talent. Oh no! Everyone rushed to do his party piece. George Gear, the baker, would sing one the latest hits that could otherwise only be heard on a gramophone record if you bought one. His favourite was “Just a rose in a garden of weeds”. My sister Marjorie and George Searle would sing duets. Flossie Matravers, the Womens’ Institute President, would recite “Ben and the butter”. There was Jones the butler at the Manor; he’d sing a song about “Get out and get under”; this was a take-off about cars breaking down which they often did in those days. Really I go on for ages.”
How lovely to think we are continuing a tradition that was alive and kicking in the 1920s!
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21st June 2021