Art - Perrott Hill


All pupils participate in a wide range of activities to develop their creative talents, including drawing, painting, print making, collage, model-making and textiles.

Art history and an appreciation of the visual arts are incorporated within the lessons and all year groups are exposed to the work of a diverse range of artists. Design and Technology is also popular and children enjoy it as part of the art curriculum as well as during extra-curricular activities.

Art is taught by class teachers in Years 1 and 2. From Year 3 up, all pupils have their lessons in the art room with a specialist art teacher. The weekly double lessons provide the children with the opportunity to explore, enjoy, discuss and respond to a variety of art, craft and design forms. The Art Room is also a hive of activity during breaks and activity sessions with an increasing number of pupils gaining Art and DT awards to senior schools. The school takes part in national and local competitions and the children’s work is continually celebrated and displayed throughout the school.

Trips and workshops to exhibitions and galleries, as well as visits from artists and art historians, add to the pupils’ experiences.