A Busy Week in Pre-Prep - Perrott Hill

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A Busy Week in Pre-Prep

Our Pre-Prep children have enjoyed a fantastic start to the new term. The EYFS theme of ‘pirates’ has been a hit and the children have wasted no time in getting stuck into the new pirate ship in Mrs McCullough’s classroom – it’s is a marvel! Pupils have been working hard on their handwriting as well, learning the basic letter joins with some excellent results. Year 1 have been impressing Mr Edgar in maths, where they have been learning to count in threes. They have also been learning about odd and even numbers and realising that no matter how large the number is, it’s the last digit that really matters! Meanwhile, Year 2 are looking at ‘forces’ in science. After watching some online BBC learning zone clips, they were asked to make a marble run to explore what makes things speed up, slow down or change direction. There were some lively discussions resulting in some lovely work.

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14th January 2022