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Year 8 Classical Civilisation

Year 8 have been adapting ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ into a film in classical civilisation with Dr Longley-Cook. Last week, they created film boards to show their knowledge and understanding of the myth and today they presented their ideas to a panel of critics and took questions. Well done to Euan whose adaptation was chosen […]

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10th October 2022

Prep School Sport

Many thanks to Wells Cathedral School and Bryanston for a cracking day of sport in the sunshine on Wednedsay. The boys enjoyed some top hockey matches here at Perrott, while the girls took part in the U13 and U11 Netball Tournament at Bryanston. All eyes are now on tomorrow afternoon’s lacrosse training session with Miss […]

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21st January 2022

Pre-Prep Sports Day

Pre-Prep pupils took part in their Sports Day earlier this month, with many successes and personal achievements throughout the morning. We are delighted that all their hard work in PE this term paid off! Many thanks to Mr Sheldon and the games department, along with Ms Williams and the Pre-Prep team, for a great morning […]

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19th July 2021

Year 4 and 5 Science

4H had great fun making water filters in science yesterday, as part of their work on separating techniques. Meanwhile, Year 5 are investigating the reaction between acids and alkalis (in this case, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda). They learnt first-hand how it can produce enough carbon dioxide gas to pressurise a film canister and launch […]

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29th April 2021

Scholarship News

Welcome back, everyone! We are delighted to kick the second half of term off with some more scholarship news. Congratulations to Beau, who has been awarded a Sport Scholarship to Bryanston. A fantastic achievement Beau; very well done.

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22nd February 2021

Leavers’ Programme

Our Year 8 pupils had a ball making their own music video to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ this week. Huge thanks to the brilliant Sharky and George for an immersive and engaging session as part of the Year 8 Leavers’ Programme – and roll on the virtual disco in a few weeks! Many thanks to Bryanston, […]

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25th June 2020

Welcome Back

A very warm welcome back to our school community this week! There was much excitement on Monday as Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 returned to school, while our programme of remote learning continues for all other year groups at home. Meanwhile, our Year 8 Leavers’ Programme has started and we are delighted to […]

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3rd June 2020

Mental Health Awareness

To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, pupils throughout the school spent last week reinforcing this year’s theme of ‘kind’. Year 3 carried out random acts of kindness in their homes and within their wider communities, including emails and letters for grandparents and family members (special mention to Alvin, Sam and James for their virtual musical […]

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3rd June 2020

Heads of School

We are extremely proud to introduce our Head Boy, Anton, Head Girl, Lucy, and Prefects for this term. The team are fixed up and looking sharp ahead of their Prefects’ Tea in the Headmaster’s Study this week – and will be out in force representing the school on Friday’s Open Morning. We wish them all […]

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22nd January 2020

Happy New Year!

The excitement has been well and truly in the air this week and what a treat to hear so many tales of Christmas magic! The Headmaster’s assembly on Monday morning was all about New Year’s resolutions, with Mr McCullough putting forward the following suggestions: smile at someone, listen to someone, sit next to someone you […]

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17th January 2020