Religious Studies - Perrott Hill

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Philosophy and Religious Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies (PRS) takes place throughout the school. We study the major world religions, with two broad aims: to learn about religion and to learn from religion. We teach our pupils to link their ideas and knowledge to contemporary issues resulting in rounded and tolerant individuals who can consider the values of others and relate these to their own ideas.

Children from Reception upwards have a timetabled PRS session, and from Year 5 upwards pupils undertake a weekly lesson of Philosophy for Children (P4C). P4C is about getting children to think and communicate well; to think better for themselves.

Our aim is to prepare students for life beyond our school by getting them to think not only for themselves but creatively and in response to others’ opinions. This in turn will help them not only to become 21st century learners but will give them tools to engage in a world that is ever-changing and where jobs for our pupils have often not been created. Philosophy for Children is a tool that directly feeds into this belief and is therefore an essential tool to teach as early as possible in their schooling. Although introduced concretely from Year 5, elements of the P4C approach are taught throughout the school.