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Pupils are encouraged, through Games, to work hard, both for their team and for themselves. This carries through to all aspects of their school life; decision-making skills taught on the games field help to promote a greater awareness in more general situations.

Team sports are held in very high esteem at Perrott Hill and all pupils in Years 5 to 8 have five sessions of Games each week, with pupils in Years 3 to 4 having four sessions a week. This enables our very well qualified staff to maintain a high standard of training throughout the year. The major team sports for boys are rugby, hockey, football and cricket; girls play hockey, netball and rounders.

It is important that a balance is found between excellence and inclusion: all pupils are given the opportunity to represent their school at each sport – whatever their talents – with the A teams promoting excellence through competing successfully against national opposition, whilst B and C teams enjoy healthy competition, as well as focussing upon inclusion and improvement. The pupils are always encouraged to give 100% in pursuit of their personal and team targets, whether in a school fixture or house competition.

In recent years the school has ‘upped its game’ on the sporting front and has stepped onto the national stage in rugby, football, hockey, netball, badminton, skiing and sailing. Results have been especially pleasing; the investment in coaches and facilities is paying off.