Overseas Pupils

Perrott Hill welcomes a small number of international pupils whose first language is not English. We have a thriving EAL department to support them with their pastoral welfare and academic studies, and to ensure they make good progress.

We recommend that pupils stay at Perrott Hill for a minimum of one year. A number of children stay for several years and some will transfer to an English senior school at the end of Year 8. EAL pupils usually arrive in Years 5 to 8 and very much enjoy their time at Perrott Hill, with brothers, sisters, cousins and friends often following on.

To make their arrival as relaxed and easy as possible, the new pupils are allocated a Class Guide to help them from lesson to lesson, at lunchtime and during games. A Senior/Boarding Guide is a friendly face around the school who helps them in the Boarding House during the evenings.

The Head of EAL has an active pastoral role in supporting our international children. The EAL pupils find the whole experience of attending an English school exciting, but it can also be a little daunting and very different to their life and schooling at home. The EAL classroom is a friendly place they can go to during the day when they are in need of support and a little understanding. The children are encouraged to talk about their home and their families, to share photographs and to compare their new life at Perrott Hill with their school back home.

Academic Studies and Exams

Each pupil is assessed on arrival by our Head of EAL. Following on from consultation with other members of staff, an appropriate teaching programme is designed to meet the needs of the individual pupil and the EAL groups.

Tuition focuses on reading, writing, speaking and listening, using a variety of fun and interesting approaches. Language support for other subjects is also provided. EAL lessons may take place during English lessons, and occasionally French and Latin. Classes are small (typically no more than four pupils); and some pupils may receive 1-1 teaching. The EAL teacher offers inclass support as and when required. When appropriate, pupils who are at Perrott Hill for at least a year may prepare for the Cambridge, First, PET and KET examination levels. Please note, there is an additional charge for EAL lessons and for Cambridge exams. Please see our Fees section on the website for full details.

UK Guardians

Parents of pupils at Perrott Hill, who are resident outside the UK, must appoint a UK based Education Guardian for their child, whilst their child is at school in the UK. This is the case for all pupils, regardless of age. This could be a family member, a family friend, a guardianship agency, a host family or another responsible adult based in the UK. They must be resident in the UK, at a suitable proximity to Perrott Hill, and capable of providing care for the child in a happy home environment. The Education Guardian will need to care for and take responsibility of the pupil if he/ she is unwell, suspended or otherwise released from school. Responsibilities also include being able to make certain decisions on the Parents’ behalf, such as decisions regarding emergency medical and dental treatment and matters of a disciplinary nature.

The responsibility for choosing an appropriate Education Guardian rests solely with the parents.

Cultural Opportunities

We offer many English sports such as rugby, cricket, netball, tennis and rounders. We recognise that many international children may not have played these sports before but we encourage them to participate fully in our extra-curricular programme.

Our Head Chef prepares a themed lunch each term so that the international pupils can experience ‘food from home’ as well as food from other cultures. Pupils have a say in the menus through the Food Committee.

Overseas full boarders are regularly invited to spend the weekend with a school friend. This includes exeat weekends and gives the overseas pupils a taste of life with an English family. Occasionally, an overseas boarder might choose to spend the weekend with their Englishbased guardian. Full boarders are allowed to invite a fellow pupil to stay in school for a family weekend and join in with the planned activities and excursions; this reciprocal arrangement helps overseas pupils to make firm friendships throughout the year.