Classics - Perrott Hill

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Here at Perrott Hill we take the Classics seriously, whilst having fun along the way. As a result, the department is flourishing. In contrast with the national trend, we have a generous timetable allocation, and many of our students go on to study the Classics at Senior School and beyond.

For our brightest and best, the Classics department has a demanding scholarship programme which stretches and challenges those in need of that bit extra. Latin has always had a reputation for stretching students intellectually, after all Latin begins in Year 5 and is studied via the immersion method until the end of Year 6 (we use Oerberg’s Lingua Latina). More exacting demands are made from Year 7 onwards. In preparation for Common Entrance examinations, our students work in the context of the grammar-translation method.

Running alongside all the grammar and vocabulary we also have a vibrant programme of Classical history, which sees our students study Greek mythology, Hadrian’s wall, Horatius, Caesar, and more.