Boarding Routines - Perrott Hill

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Boarding Routines


7:10 am Lights are switched on; early showers possible for Year 8s at this time
7:20 am Boarders wake up, wash, dress and tidy dormitories, clean teeth, get ready for school
7:40 am Downstairs if waitering
7:50 am Downstairs for breakfast
8:15 am Form tutorial/registration
5:45 pm Day and boarding pupils tick off; boarders then change into mufti
6:00 pm Supper
6:30 pm Golden hour activities – choose from a wide range of activities every evening
7:30 pm Snack
7:40 pm Tick off. Duty staff handover. All boarders checked in
7:50 pm Everyone upstairs. Showers routine. Free dorm time, activities, music practice
8:30 pm Years 3 – 6 silent reading
8:40 pm Years 3 – 6 lights out. Seniors into bed, silent reading
8:50 pm Year 7 lights out
9:00 pm Year 8 lights out. Dorm Captains into bed, silent reading
9:15 pm Dorm Captains lights out


Saturday Evening – Family Weekend
4:00 pm Free time/ Duty staff activity
6:00 pm Join RW/SS or EL/CL for supper
6:45 pm Evening in-house activity/movie
9:30 pm Bed time
Sunday – Family Weekend (timings flexible)
9:00 am Wake Up
9:30 am Breakfast
10:00 am Phone Home
10:30 am Activity or excursion
1:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Activities/excursion with weekend duty staff
5:30 pm Supper at Broomcroft with Mr and Mrs McCullough
8:30 pm Into bed, quiet reading
9:00 pm Lights out
* Some Sundays will be all-day excursions with several members of boarding staff (e.g. surfing)
Saturday Evening – Activity Weekend
4:00 pm Free time/duty staff activity
5:45 pm Juniors (Y3&4) arrive and sign in
6:00 pm Activity weekend begins – supper
 6:45 pm Activities all evening
9:30 pm Bed time
Sunday Evening – Activity Weekend (timings flexible)
8:00 am (flexible) Wake Up
8:30 am Breakfast
9:00 am Strip beds and re-make if possible.
Pack overnight bags
9:30 am Activity weekend continues
12:00 pm Optional pick-up; free time for boarders
1:00 pm Lunch
 1:30 pm Activities/excursion with weekend duty staff
 5:30 pm Supper at Broomcroft with Mr and
Mrs McCullough
 8:30 pm Into bed, quiet reading
 9:00 pm Lights out