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Year 3 Loft Night

Our youngest boarders in Year 3 had great fun at their Loft Night last night last week! The children played crash mat rounders and other games in the Sports Hall, before heading upstairs for Harry Potter and popcorn. Many thanks to our brilliant boarding team for yet another amazing Loft Night for the junior boarders.

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30th January 2023

Upper Prep Loft Night

Year 7 and 8 girls enjoyed a brilliant session of drama with Mr Silk on Friday, as part of golden hour in boarding. Each group was given a prop and the sound effect of their choice, with some stellar performances on show… Up in the Loft, the girls enjoyed a spot of pampering with Mrs […]

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3rd December 2020

Year 5 Boys’ Loft Night

The Year 5 boys enjoyed a great night in the top floor dorms on Friday, complete with indoor football, ICT and Star Wars! May the force be with you…

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13th October 2020

Boarding Activity Weekend

Years 5 to 8 camped under the stars on Saturday for our first boarding activity weekend of the year. Following a hearty breakfast on Sunday, the children got stuck into some bushcraft with Hooke Court’s Chris McConnell. As well as gutting fish and plucking pigeons for a gamekeeper’s stew, the teams discovered three different ways […]

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13th October 2020