Mathematics - Perrott Hill

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Mathematics is the study of relationships in number, algebra, shape, space, measure and data handling and their application to solving problems in a variety of situations. Mathematics provides pupils with a means of making sense of the world in which they live. Building on children’s own experiences, it encourages thinking and reasoning skills to grow and it embraces natural curiosity and develops the confidence to tackle situations, which arise in mathematics, other curriculum areas and the world around us.

It is the aim of the Mathematics department at Perrott Hill to introduce and develop these skills amongst its pupils and encourage a thorough understanding of the subject as well as a genuine enjoyment of mathematics. To achieve this goal, confidence in a pupil’s own ability in mathematics is paramount and pupils are encouraged to take pride in their achievements.

An ability to calculate mentally generates confidence in mathematics and lies at the heart of numeracy. Consequently, a large emphasis is placed on mental mathematics from the early years, and pupils throughout the school, are given regular opportunities to practise and develop these skills.