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Scholarships to Perrott Hill

Perrott Hill offers scholarships to children at the ages of 9+ and 11+, with Scholarship Day taking place in February each year. This means that children are able to sit for scholarships when they are in Year 4 ahead of the scholarship coming into effect in Year 5, and in Year 6, ahead of the scholarship being applied in Year 7.

The number and size of awards in any given year are at the discretion of the Headmaster but it should be noted that scholarships do not generally carry a weighty fee remission. Parents requiring financial support are invited to apply for a means-tested bursary. The following categories are available for both 9+ and 11+ entry: academic, all rounder, art, drama, music and sport. For further details including an information pack please contact our Admissions Registrar, on or call 01460 72051.