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Roman Curses

Year 5 have been studying the Roman way of life in Latin with Dr L-C. As part of their work on the Roman Baths they have learnt all about defixiones (or curse tablets), which were often left in Roman bathhouses in an attempt to punish thieves who stole clothing and property from the baths. The […]

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2nd December 2022

Year 8 Classical Civilisation

Year 8 have been adapting ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’ into a film in classical civilisation with Dr Longley-Cook. Last week, they created film boards to show their knowledge and understanding of the myth and today they presented their ideas to a panel of critics and took questions. Well done to Euan whose adaptation was chosen […]

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10th October 2022

Year 5 Latin

Year 5 have been getting to grips with grammar in this term’s introduction to Latin with Miss Free. In this week’s prep they were busy revising vocabulary, using illustrations to help them learn the words, and they’ve also been translating into Latin as well as from Latin to English. optime, Year 5! bene facitis; keep […]

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26th November 2020

Latin Revision at Perrott

Latin revision with a difference! The Year 8s had great fun playing their own handmade board games in Latin this week – but there was a catch. In order to take their turn, they had to answer a Latin question (taken from this term’s mock exams) correctly. Quis Latinam esse tediosam dixit… Gratias, Magister Patrick.

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13th December 2019

Hadrian’s Wall Trip

Our Year 6 pupils  enjoyed the most incredible Latin trip to Hadrian’s Wall at the start of the summer holidays. As well as visiting Segedunum and getting to see the excavated fort from the 35 metre high viewing tower (wow!), they experienced what life was like at one of the Roman Empire’s most northern outposts and […]

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4th September 2019